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The TC HomeCheck
Services and Prices Center
Helping you make great purchasing decisions. Knowledge is power!

We all know the adage... "You get what you pay for"...

What is a TC HomeCheck Home or Business

Inspection Service?

It is a visual evaluation that...

     ✓ Assesses the condition of your home or business

     ✓ Identifies components that are not performing

     ✓ Describes items that are near the end of their life cycle

     ✓ Sets out recommendations for protecting your investment

     ✓ and much more...

A home or business property inspection is essential for any property purchase. Protect yourself by getting the information you need to make an educated decision.

Add value to your inspection by taking advantage of our generous discounts and offerings!

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Prices listed are typical averages and subject to change. Prices vary based on the age, condition and accessibility of the home.

Your final cost may be different.

Inspection Services

Helping you make great purchasing decisions.

Knowledge is power!


A Little About Our Inspections, Services and Prices


We all know the adage... "You get what you pay for". This is especially true with inspection services. Pricing can vary greatly from one company to the next. Our goal is to offer VALUE with all our services.


Examples include:

  • TIME DEDICATION - We don't hurry through your inspection. A typical inspection will take 3 to 4 hours. Taking the extra time will provide you with a great inspection and report.

  • UNIQUE REPORTS - State of the art reports that are easy to read, packed with great information, convenient and accessible from any desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.


  • CONSULTATION SERVICE - Free expert consultation, not only during the inspection, but also after you move in and for as long as you own your property.

Buyer's Inspection Starting @ $350.00

     This is our standard inspection service covering all major system and components...

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Seller's Inspection Starting @ $350.00

     Designed to help you sell your home more quickly, easily and effectively...

Learn more > 

Pre-Market Walk-Through Starting @ $150.00

     One hour walk-through consultation with tips and more to help get you ready to sell...

Learn more > 

Post Market Inspection Starting @ $350.00

     When you have to forgo the home inspection and make your purchase in a hurry...

Learn more > 

Duplex Inspection Starting @ $300.00 per unit

     Our standard inspection service times two...

Learn more > 

Condo Inspection Starting @ $300.00 per unit

     Customized interior and systems inspection service of each unit...

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Commercial Property Inspection Call

     Our inspection services customized to your needs...

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Environmental Services

Pertinent information on the health of your home.

Knowledge is power!


All these service qualify for our multi service discount when add to your inspection!

Environmental Inspection Services:

TC HomeCheck has partnered with a number of reputable companies to provide environmental services to our clients. These services complement our home inspections, targeting potential areas of concern which fall outside of the scope of a regular home inspection. This saves you having to look for another appropriate company, and allows you to book everything with a single phone call.


Call (574) 505-0815 or go online to book your Environmental Inspection Service today. Either way you can get all your inspection needs met with TC HomeCheck.

Radon Screening Starting @ $225.00

     A great 2 to 5 day screening of your home or business either before or after your purchase...

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WDI - Inspection Starting @ $100.00

     Termites, Powder Post Beetles... We look around for these and other insects...

Learn more > 

Mold Testing Starting @ $250.00

     Molds are organisms that are found indoors and out. This test helps identify harmful molds ...

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Water Analysis Starting @ $225.00

     This analysis is required by most lending institutions. Your samples sent to a certified lab...

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Septic Analysis Starting @ $175.00 per unit

     We open the tank to evaluate the contents and inlet and outlet baffles...

Learn more > 

Meth Testing Starting @ $250.00

     Homes are being sold every day and no one is disclosing this probability...

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Specialty Services

Our specialty services are a great way to get that little extra information you may need to make a great buying decision.

Specialtiy Services

All these service qualify for our multi service discount when add to your inspection!

Specialty Inspection Services:

TC HomeCheck has built a reputation with our clients of providing home inspections that are through and informative. These services are no exception. Our "Specialty Inspection Services" give you more in depth information about other structures on your new property. Educating you and helping you make a more informed buying decision. 


Call (574) 505-0815 or go online to book your Specialty Inspection Service today. Either way you can get all your inspection needs met with TC HomeCheck.

4 Point Inspection Starting @ $250.00

     An evaluation of the four major systems of your home or business...

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Pool and Spa Inspection Starting @ $150.00

    This inspection covers the major systems of your swimming pool and spa...

Learn more > 

New Construction Starting @ $150.00 per phase

     This inspection monitors your new project as it is being built...

Learn more > 

Outbuildings Starting @ $150.00 per each

     For the occasion when you have an additional outbuilding you want inspected...

Learn more > 

Lead Testing Starting @ $???

     ***COMING SOON*** Lead testing for your home, Check back!

Learn more > 

Energy Score Starting @ $???

      ***COMING SOON*** Energy Scores for your home, Check back!

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